Pointy Hat Games was founded by 5 friends who have all been gaming for decades. One day about 3 years ago, at a Rolemaster game that Aaron was running and all of the rest of the group were players in, Patrick mentioned a couple of game ideas that he had that he would like to try to produce, but that he didn’t have any idea what would be involved from a business perspective to do so. So Aaron explained that he has a business degree and has started up and managed a number of small business in the past and would be willing to get things set up and serve as the financial and management person behind it. So with that and several ideas for games from Patrick and a few ideas from the rest of us, we set out on that path.

So on August 2nd of 2014, everyone signed our Articles of Organization which we then filed with the State of Michigan on October 30th to officially register and start Pointy Hat Games, LLC.

We are a group of friends who have brought our ideas and skills together to create and publish a wide range of games. We have dozens of games in our development pipeline as well as a couple that we will soon be launching KickStarter campaigns to raise funds to publish.

We are:
Patrick Demo– President, Creative Director and game developer (also known as “Doc Belmont“)
Aaron Smalley– CFO/COO (finance and general manager) and game developer
Geoffrey Skutt– Rules Evaluation Director, Newsletter Editor and game developer
Alejandro Renteria– Art Director and game developer
Joyce Demo– Secretary (helps to keeps the rest of us organized) and game developer
Visit us on our Facebook or Google+ pages, or follow us on Twitter or feel free to take a look at our info on Board Game Geek.

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