Greetings, folks! It’s been quite a bit since there has been any news on the PHG front, but we haven’t been idle. In fact, we’re pleased to announce that we will again have a booth at GenCon 2018  (August 2nd – August 5th)! However, like last year, we will not be in this booth alone. Joining us again is our friends Iron Crown Enterprises, makers of such fine classic Role-playing games as Rolemaster, Spacemaster, and HARP. Our arrangement worked very well last year, and we are happy to continue the relationship this year and beyond!

It’s still a few months away, but both Pointy Hat Games and Iron Crown Enterprises are making the preparations to attend, and working hard to prepare even better offerings than last year! We hope to see everyone there! It doesn’t matter what choice of headgear you wear; we welcome more than just pointy hats and Iron crowns.

As more details of GenCon plans become final, be sure to keep an eye on our page for more information!

Happy gaming!

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