Hey, all! It’s been awhile since our last post, but it’s the eve of our Gen Con preparations! For those of you following us, we’ll be at booth #2929 this year, right there along with our friends, Iron Crown Enterprises!

If you feel like picking up a classic, crunchy role-playing game, ICE has your fix with their offering of Rolemaster! They’ll have both Rolemaster Classic, and its lighter cousin, HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) available, along with HARP Sci-Fi!

As for Pointy Hat Games, we have our game Elemental Conflux available with its “SPIRIT” expansion, and a brand new product…

…mini Brimleys! Many asked us last year if our mascot, Brimley was available for sale. Of course, we couldn’t part with our loveable mascot, but you can take him home with you in mini plushy form! Each Brimley even comes with a promotional creature card of the hat himself for Elemental Conflux.

Stop by to shop, support us, or say “hello” (to either us, or Brimley) We’d love to have you there!


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