Alejandro Renteria- Art Director and game developer

Alejandro has had a love of games ever since growing up, and one of his earliest ambitions was to develop games, whether on a computer console or with traditional pen and paper roleplay. An avid gamer, Alejandro has tested the waters with everything from arcade fighting games to real-time strategy, fantasy to sci-fi and mystery, and has always strove to understand what makes a game appeal to a certain audience. His nickname stems from the association to “Detective” or “Gumshoe” in that he has a very analytical mind when he applies himself to a problem.

Alejandro has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology, which he often jokes that, “If I can’t figure out what’s wrong with a program, I just give it a therapy session.” He has a strong affinity to fiction with his favorite authors being Terry Prachett, Brian Jacques, and Robert Asprin.

Alejandro is always on the lookout for new or established talent with the artistic side of things, feeling out what art styles might be appropriate for certain venues of games. His favorite types of games are ones that allow for many different avenues to victory, or ones where victory is second to the experience of the game itself. His love of doing things randomly and differently than most people have led his associates to deem him “Chaos Incarnate.”