Geoffrey “Doc Martin” Skutt – Rules Evaluation Director, Newsletter Editor and game developer

Geoff Skutt has 20+ years of gaming under his belt, with some of his favorite games being Legend of the Five Rings, Ars Magica, and AD&D. While not particularly keen on board games, he enjoys the more strategic and logic or manipulation games, such as BattleStar Galactica and Eclipse. Geoff is also a lover of cinema, with his all-time favorite film being Blade Runner [I HATE BLADE RUNNER]. He is also an avid reader, drawing inspiration from some of his favorite book series; The Lord of the Rings, the Dresden Files, and Dune.

Geoff has known Patrick since they met in high school, which by calculations means that they’ve known each other for just over 20 years [WAY TOO LONG]. All of those long years, these two best friends [BITTER RIVALS] have been rolling dice together in many RPGs. Geoff was even best man at Patrick and Joyce’s wedding [RIDICULOUS PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION].

Geoff’s honed observational skills have him serving as the Rules Evaluation Director at Pointy Hat Games, tempering Patrick’s genius [DELUSIONS OF COMPETENCY] by pointing out any potential problems with rules, and discussing them with him [WIZARD-DUELLING TO THE DEATH] and finding solutions. With both [ONE. JUST MINE.] of their keen minds at work, both hope to achieve gaming greatness [ACCEPTABLE PROFIT MARGINS]!

Written by Patrick for Geoff
EDIT: There. I fixed it. –Doc Martin