Joyce “Lady J” Demo – Secretary/wizard-wrangler

Joyce Demo has always had a love for all things Renaissance, fantasy, gaming, and costuming. She has a passion for reading, and is an avid book collector. Her favorite author, Terry Brooks, kick-started her love of literature when she wrote to him in grade school and received a letter back from him. Joyce also loves to attend the Michigan Renaissance Festival annually. For many years, she told her mother that she would get married underneath the gazebo there, and many years later, that wish came true when she married her “adorkable” husband, Patrick.

Joyce met her husband in college, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. She hopes to go on to get a Master’s Degree in Library Science, and land her dream job as a librarian.

Joyce serves as the organized mind of Pointy Hat Games, encouraging her husband to follow his dreams, and serving as a sounding board for his designs. She pushes him on when he feels like giving up, and keeps him on task, insuring that he sticks to his own deadlines. If it weren’t for Joyce, Patrick would most likely be horribly, horribly lost beyond time and space, and never be able to find anything.

Joyce’s “official” duty, however, is that of company secretary. She keeps meetings organized, notes taken, and is really the reason Pointy Hat Games remembers anything they talked about.