Here is a sample of our various card games:

Our first game that we are in the process of getting published is Elemental Conflux, which will be followed down the road by two additional variations that will have other themes and modified rules to fit those themes (but we need to keep the details quiet until we have tested and are nearing release of those games). We also have three small expansions planned for Elemental Clfux (see the Elemental Conflux page for details).

We are also working on a dungeon crawl card and dice game with some interesting mechanics that will also work almost as a varying layout board game, but can’t reveal the details of this game yet either (likely to be one of our next releases). We also have plans for two additional variations of these rules, one as a miniatures board game and one as an RPG. This one is further along than many of our other games, but still needs some work and then a fair bit of play-testing to balance and work out any bugs in the rules.

There is also the Magic Shop game that we demoed at GenCon 2015. It is a resource management game in which the players each own an alchemist shop that they are trying to stock with created magical items that they can then sell. It uses a rather elaborate card and dice mechanic to collect the needed resources and the to attempt to make several items with some ingenious mechanics to it, but is a game that will take hours to play due to its complexity. However, in doing the demonstration at GenCon 2015, we found that it needs more work due to its complexity and that it is a game that will need to undergo substantial play-testing for balancing the mechanics. Thus we don’t yet have a page specific for this game, as it has been put on hold for the moment until we work out some issues with it.

We also have tentative plans for another game that is a cross between a card game and a strategic token game that is actually three different games in one, but we have been running into some issues with it, so we have a ways to go before it will be ready.

Then there is a combination card/dice game where dice are used to determine card draws and discards, while the cards themselves modify the die rolls and can modify things when they are played, with the goal of going through your deck faster than your opponent while trying to slow them down. We are still working out the details of the rules for this and then will need to do some extensive play-testing to tweak those rules as well as the game-play effects of those cards when they are played. As such this game is also likely going to be out a little ways.

We also have a sword dueling type of card game that also allows for the use of magic, with the mechanics behind it being of a groundbreaking nature unlike anything that anyone else has ever developed (at least to our knowledge). Then the mechanics behind this card game will also be the basis for the mechanics (but with added functionality beyond what is required of the dueling game) behind one of the board games that we are in the process of developing (this is one that has been in the works for roughly 20 years). It is a wilderness exploration game with a feel similar to Magic Realm, but with a substantially simpler but more flexible mechanics and even more randomness than Magic Realm. The mechanics are a variation on a sword and magic dueling card game that we are also developing. This game is also a very long game that would take several hours or longer to play and due to its complexity. As such it will likely be a while before it is finalized and launched. But again, we can’t reveal the name of either the card game or the board game that it works with, until we have secured the trademark for the names that we have planned for them. We are also considering using it as an alternative to using dice for an RPG, but have not gotten very far into development of that aspect yet, as we are still testing and working out the bugs for the dueling card game as well as the board game.