Elemental Conflux is our first card game, developed by Patrick and Joyce with assistance and rules smithing from Geoff. It is a two player game that is intended to represent a battle between two Elemental Summoners (the players), that summon and have elemental creatures do battle against one another. It is somewhat similar to the classic card game War, except that unlike War which is strictly luck based, this game has many cards that can modify situations and offers a variety of viable strategies. Each Creature card has an image and strength value as well as some flavor text and/or simple rules guidance (the rules are more fully detailed within the actual rule booklet, which is relatively short due to the simple mechanics behind the game). There are also numerous spell cards that can be used at various times (as specified in the descriptive text on the card) to modify things or throw a wrench into the plans of your opponent.

Each player is dealt 10 Creature Cards and 3 Spell cards at the beginning of the game, with each player then placing these cards into five stacks (alternating between each player as to who plays each stack first and the other player then playing a stack opposite the first player and then placing their next stack first, etc.). Each stack must have at least 1 card, but can have as many cards as the player wishes as long as they can create 5 such stacks of cards from the 10 cards they were dealt.

The basic game includes a deck of 13 cards for each of four Elemental types of creatures. As well as 2 Wizard cards that seem extremely weak (Strength value of 0), but which awards the player an extra Spell card that they immediately draw upon the Wizard card being played. The wizard’s power then comes out as he single-handedly switches the players’ creature stacks, switching the outcome of that battle! Thus a base game deck is comprised of 54 Creature cards, 20 Spell Cards as well as 5 Elemental Node cards (which represent what is being battled in each set of five battles. Each element has creature cards with values 1 through 10 with one of each value except for some special cards as explained here:

Dragon card (Strength value of 10), but due to its powerful breath weapon it can normally wipe out an entire battle force of the opponent (automatically wins most battles).

Summoner card (Strength value of 10) and is able to summon an additional creature card (drawn off the top of the draw deck), with that creature being added to the battle that the Summoner is participating in.

Elemental Lord card (Strength value of 10) which has the effect of weakening the strength value of any opposed element cards in the opposing force to 1 (Fire vs. Water and Earth vs. Air for opposed elements).

Genie card (Strength Value: 1) is normally a weak card, due to their view that they don’t need to compete with other creatures because that is below their station, however they are willing to battle full force when up against a Dragon since it is the only creature that is even close to the Genie in reputation, this allows the Genie to unsummon via a “Wish” the Dragon and send it back to its lair, thus causing the Dragon to be removed from the opponents creature stack for that battle. This is the one card that can “trump” the all powerful Dragon.

Simple to play, but difficult to master.


Currently, there is one expansion available for the game:

Spirit Expansion Pack– this is an additional 15 cards that form a fifth suit of “Spirit” that is not directly at odds with the other four elements, but with these cards adding some interesting abilities and having strength values similar to the base game.